Yes, I'm Building Another Glastar.

This is My Current Flying Glastar:


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In case you don't already know, this is a Glastar experimental homebuilt kitplane. As you can see, it attracts a crowd. It is not a beautiful Glastar.  It is functional.  With its simple carburated 180 hp Lycoming and 21 inch tires, it takes me where I want to go in a reasonable amount of time.  It is adequately rugged and carries a good load.  It isn't particularly fast, but that is not what it was built for.  It climbs reasonably well, but it handles more like a Cessna than an RV.  So, I must remember that the fun in flying a Glastar like this one is in where it can take you, not necessarily in how it handles.


A Little History:

Sample Image(September 2013)I have had this kit since 2009 when I acquired it partially complete. It was a great kit exhibiting good quality workmanship in most areas and reasonable attention to detail with no risky modifications. I have debated whether to complete this kit or just modify my current Glastar to what I want. My wife has completed the building of her RV-7 and I finally have the workshop to myself to get the Glastar project moving.  I plan to keep my flying Glastar until the new Glastar is ready to fly.


Sample ImageMuch of the grunt work is done on this kit. The wings are finished and closed with cables and pulleys installed. The control surfaces (flaps, ailerons, elevator and rudder) are complete and have been installed, fitted and removed for storage until they are ready to paint.  Most of the behind the firewall plumbing is complete, although I am thinking of changing fuel valves.  I have moved the gear legs forward for the tailwheel configuration.  Now it is configured for both tailwheel and tricycle gear setups even though I will fly it only as a tailwheel aircraft.







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It is a Glastar.  The Glasair Glastar homebuilt experimental aircraft.  Building the Glastar is what this site was originally about, but now it is just about the Glastar.  I am Bill Hobbs, the owner of this Glastar in Redding, California and belonging to EAA Chapter 157, Redding CA, Redding EAA. It is not a Sportsman.  It's a Glastar aircraft or airplane.  It is an experimental aircraft Glastar.  It is a homebuilt aircraft glastar by Bill Hobbs.